Keeping Your Garage Organized

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If you’re anything like most homeowners, your garage is likely your junk room – the place where you haphazardly store your tools, your camping equipment, and tons of other random stuff that doesn’t fit elsewhere in the house.

It can be super-tempting to stash all your junk in the garage and just forget about it, but, as with any other room in your home, it’s important (for both your well-being and your home’s well-being!) to keep your garage neat and tidy. And, if you’re thinking to yourself that that sounds near-impossible, rest assured: there are a few secrets to keeping your garage organized that we’re here to let you in on.

Read on, and get ready to dive into some deep-cleaning!

1) Before you begin organizing, take everything out of your garage

Before you can even start to sift through your belongings and get organized, it’s time to take everything out of your garage! Why, you ask?

Because this well help to give you a visual of what you’re working with – what you want to keep, what you want to toss or donate, and how you can become better organized.

Whenever you’re about to tackle a big organization project, starting with a clean slate is always crucial. Take everything out of your garage and go from there; otherwise, it’s highly likely that some items will stay hidden.

2) Clear away the clutter

It’s time to regard your stuff with a discerning eye. It’s also always good to have an extra set of eyes when you’re doing this, just in case you feel tempted to keep junk that you don’t need or use anymore.

Go through all your belongings and ask yourself two all-important questions: When was the last time I used this? Do I love it?

If you don’t use something and/or don’t even really love it anymore, it’s time to get rid of it! Clearing away the clutter in your garage will be so satisfying, and you’ll have less junk to organize.

So, set aside a weekend or a full day, make decluttering a fun family project, and go through everything. Recycle or donate what you can, and toss the rest. This is also a fantastic time to have a yard sale!

3) Install wall shelving and built-in cabinets

If your garage doesn’t have cabinets or shelving, now’s the time to install both! Make the most of your space with wall-mounted pegboards, open shelving, and/or modular storage. This will help you keep all your belongings stored as neatly as possible.

4) Make efficient use of your space

In short, try to use as much vertical and ceiling space as humanly possible – this tip is important, since you likely park your car in your garage and will thus need the space.

Get everything off the floor and out of dark corners, and place it on shelves. Invest in some drawers or bins if you don’t have any, in order to keep everything contained and neat. Whatever you do, just ensure that you’re using your space in an efficient way.

5) Group together items that are alike

Group all the items in your garage into categories. Those categories could be sports equipment, recycling, garden stuff, tools, or simply whatever makes sense for you.

Once you’ve finished grouping everything, it’s time to determine where you want everything to live! Visualize your garage layout, and try to place things where it makes the most sense – for instance, recycling should go near the entrance so that you have easy access to it, tools should be placed next to your workbench, and so on.

Just be sure to keep like items together, and put some thought into where you put everything.

6) Label everything

Even when all your items are grouped together, labels are crucial. Seriously, you could save yourself hours of searching for something just by putting a label on everything.

Take the time to label every drawer and bin, and then make sure to maintain this system. You’ll be simply amazed at how much time labeling can free up, and how much saner you’ll feel as a result.

7) Transform your garage into a place you want to be

Once the clutter has been organized and your garage is nice and sparkling clean, it’s time to really transform it into a place you want to hang out in!

Don’t be afraid to decorate a little and brighten up the space – even just a few coats of paint can do wonders. Many people skip over their garage in terms of décor, but why not make every inch of your home feel cozy and aesthetically pleasing? It’s time to make your garage a place you want to be.

8) Set an organizing schedule

Make a date for a little garage maintenance every now and then! No, it’s not as exciting as a fancy restaurant and wine, but making a date to organize your garage will make it more likely to actually happen.

So, once or twice a year (or more, if needed), set aside time to re-organize your garage. And of course, don’t just leave things laying around in your garage – put things away when you’re done with them.

The Bottom Line

Your garage shouldn’t be a wasteland for assorted junk – it’s a room of your home, just like any other. Often, we use our garage space purely for clutter, which can leave us feeling disorganized and disorderly, to say the least. But, when you take the time to organize your garage and restore order to your home, you’ll undoubtedly feel happier, more productive, and clearheaded.

Happy organizing!

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