The best smart home assistants

The best smart home assistants

Creating your ultimate smart home

Amazon’s doing it. Google’s doing it. Microsoft’s doing itApple’s probably doing itEven Andy Rubin’s getting involved. The assistant is one of the big battlefronts of the smart home, and chances are you’ll want to look at bagging one of these.

Amazon’s Alexa assistant can be found in the Echo, Echo Dot and upcoming Echo Show. Google Home is powered by Assistant, which also appears on Android Wear 2.0 and some Android smartphones. While they have plenty of other tricks, these hubs can also talk to third-party smart home appliances. So you can tell Google Assistant to turn down your Philips Hue lights, or ask Alexa to lock the door with the August Smart Lock.

The best smart lighting solutions

Wi-Fi enabled bulbs are the easiest place to start if you’re looking to overhaul your home.

They’re easy to use, fun to show off and they double as a superb security measure while you’re away from home. What’s more, some can now even be controlled by wearables such as the Apple Watch and ones running Android Wear, and with low power LED tech, they’ll save you money over a bad old incandescent bulb. There are some good budget options too from the likes of Ikea and MiPow.

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