San Diego Appliance Repair and Instalation Services
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There are a lot of thing you can do  about your house to make it look more appealing when you want to sell it. Decide for yourself what most need a repair and make a list. But keep in mind that there are two categories of repairs:

  • Minor repairs

Based on years of performing handyman services throughout the country, we know the little stuff can really add to your home’s value. Simple touch ups like drywall repair and adding a new coat of paint in needed rooms can can make it more appealing to potential customers.

When painting, choose a neutral color, like a soft green, tan, or gray.Neutral colors draw people’s attention to the home itself not to the color they might not like.. Have us paint key areas inside your home.

Steam cleaning carpets or polishing hardwood floors can offer great value over replacing these flooring options, which is likely to cost thousands of dollars. It’s also smart to get rid of any signs of pets or smoking in the home by thoroughly vacuuming and deodorizing.

Purchasing updated light fixtures would be a very good idea. There are reasonable options for every area of your home and helps build a “move in ready” impression of your home. Mr. Handyman can replace outdated fixtures.

  • Major repairs

Be sure that all major repairs are done before selling the house, if your roof is licking make sure to repair it, otherwise no one will give a fair and fixed price for the property. Same goes with issues to the foundation, etc. So if you have major work to do on your home’s structure, it’s best to get them done before putting a listing together. It may not make you any more profit, but will ensure a bank is willing to fork out money to those looking for a home loan on your property.

Still have questions on what could be done to your home before selling? Contact us today!