Shelving and Organization Chaos? San Diego ProHandyman Handyman Connection has your Solutions!

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For the past while if you have been looking around your home and thinking you need to start paying for an off-site storage, read this article! San Diego ProHandyman wants to ensure you do not waste your money on monthly payments for storage when you can maximize your storage space around your home on a way better budget.

Laundry Room – Laundry rooms are the easiest place to create clutter and mess. The simplest way to stop this is use laundry baskets to sort clothes. Another great suggestion is adjustable shelving racks. You can hang your clean clothes right away as well as store your supplies on them.

Closets – DIY closet organizers will save you tons of money and are just as useful as any other out there. Large hooks on walls can hang shirts and pants and also hide any bags you can throw behind them with your “out of season” clothes at that time. Another huge difference will be shoe racks – keeping pairs in order and not cluttering through trying to find a pair will keep your space neat and tidy at all times.

Kitchen Storage – One of the easiest ways to de-clutter your kitchen is with a spinning shelf. This will increase your cabinet space for the use of larger items and you can purchase them for cheap. Installing hooks at the bottom of cabinets can also increase your cabinet space by using them to hold mugs. If you have a large kitchen and can fit an island in the middle, this would be the smartest investment. Access to all kitchen/cooking items will be fast and efficient!

Garage – It is so easy to clutter your garage without even meaning to. There are 3 things that will ensure your garage is well kept as long as you continue to use them. Peg boards keep power tools readily available and in one area. Storage cabinets on wheels can easily be moved for more area in one spot and will make sure you always have room to add more things if required. Finally, plastic totes can be tucked away anywhere and make sure things are kept off the floor.

Imagination is the key to finding that extra storage space that you did not know exist. If you are still having a tough time finding it but want to have that space, call San Diego ProHandyman for your free, no obligation evaluation!

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