How to lower your bills and increase your home’s value with one secret

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In this post you will learn…

– How energy-efficient replacement windows can save you money
– How new windows can add value to your home
– How replacement windows can enhance your home’s aesthetic

Lowering your bills and increasing your home’s value at the same time might be difficult, but have you ever thought about replacing your old windows? Have you thought about the benefits of the new windows and how it can lower your bills up to 50%. Not only it can decrease your bills but it will give your house a better look and increase it’s value overall.

1. Replacing your windows can lower your bills

You’re also likely to see savings on your energy bill. In general, you can save up to 50% a year on your energy bill if older double-pane windows in a 2,600-square-foot house are replaced with energy-efficient windows with low-E coatings according to the latest researchers. Keep in mind that the savings can vary widely by climate, local energy costs, and the energy efficiency of both the windows purchased and the windows being replaced. Finally, you may qualify for low-interest loans or other incentives offered by your local utility that can sweeten the deal, although fewer of these are becoming available.

The range for energy-efficient window pricing is wide, but Energy Star-qualified windows start around $120 for a 36-inch-by-72-inch, single-hung window and can go up to 10 times that. With labor, you’re looking at about $270 to $800+ per window. Typically, windows at the low end of the price spectrum are less energy efficient. Sometimes it can depend on the Contractor that is installing you windows, as they might pay attention more on how it looks than how properly it should be installed in order for you to save some extra bucks. But, don’t worry luckily you have San Diego ProHandyman window installation experts to care about your house value and your pocket.

2. New windows add value to your house in the market

Along with savings in your pocket your home’s value can increase tremendously by installing new windows. These days, buyers shop for homes with energy efficiency in mind. Old, drafty single-pane windows are a major turn off. Energy Star claims that adding Energy Star-rated windows can save you up to $500 a year in heating and cooling costs by making your home more energy efficient.

Make sure that replacement windows:

– are well balanced and have equal sight lines (the same frame lines on fixed as well as opening lights)
– avoid top hung air vents the little top lights that are not at all traditional
– has proportions that are taller than they are wide, ideally at a ratio of around 1:1.6 for each casement and each light

Paying attention to those small details while installing new windows is very valuable and those traits stands out San Diego ProHandyman experts from other handyman contractors in San Diego area.

Replacing old single pane aluminum windows with good quality double pane vinyl windows is an instant equity investment. This is both from a dollars standpoint and also from an energy efficiency standpoint. Additionally it will had a much cleaner updated look to most any home. If you are replacing aluminum windows with vinyl windows in any age home then it’s a good investment, as it will add resale value (either in price or a faster sale – and time is money.) They will improve your home’s value overall and almost certainly the energy efficiency.

3. Replacement windows give you comfort and protection

Protection in the heat: A standard double-pane window allows approximately 75% of the sun’s heat into your home. In most of the new windows; you can stay cool all summer long. They will reduce the “heat gain” into your home more than typical windows do without reducing the visible light. You simply get the light you need without the uncomfortable heat.

Protection in the cold: The cold inside surface of a standard window pulls heat away from your body, so you can feel chilly in a sweater with the thermostat at 70 degrees. With double-pane new energy-efficient windows, the interior glass stays warmer. So you can now enjoy your window seat even when the temperature outside dips well below freezing.

Your home is a place where you enjoy your time with your family. You should be able to rest well and enjoy your time without the loud noises from outside and this another reason why you should replace your windows in today’s era. They improve your home’s overall environment with benefits like natural light, noise reduction, improved views, energy-efficient to save you money and custom styles to match your taste.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your FREE ESTIMATE from San Diego ProHandyman professionals to replace your windows today.

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