Seven Tricks To Keep Your House Cool Without AC During Summer

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Keeping your house cool during summer is hard without AC (Air Condition), but using your AC all day long during hot days is just like dropping money on the ground as you will spend a lot of money on your bill. But, there is always other ways to keep your house cool without the AC and in this post you will learn more about these tips and tricks you can use to save some money on your bills and keep your house cool at the same time.

1. Cover your windows with blinds to keep the heat out

One of the most useful ways to keep the heat out is to cover your windows with blinds. It helps to keep the heat of the sun out and also provides privacy for yourself. Your windows are open, you want some fresh air for your house but the sun is bringing more heat, that’s where the blinds are more useful. You can buy these blinds from your local Home Depot stores for really affordable prices, as they will bring you happiness and increase the beauty of your interior house.

2. Turn off heat-generating lights and appliances

Having your heat-generating light and appliances off really useful to keep the house cool unless you absolutely need them. Incandescent lights, in particular, generate more heat than you might think. When it’s time to cook, aim for the barbecue instead of the range.

3. Let hot air out of your attic and windows at night

Try to keep your windows and attic open at night, if it’s safe for your case, it will exchange the hot air with cool air during the night as there’s no heat without sun at night. You can install a ridge vent and possibly roof vents. And let cooler air be drawn in by soffit or eave vents for your attic.

4. Cool down your house with fans

Position a ceiling fan, an upstairs window fan or an attic fan to draw off the heat collected in upper rooms and push the heat outdoors. Set up your portable fan so that the fan sucks up cooler air from the floor below, and blows hot air upwards towards the ceiling. If you have an electrical fan that is placed on ground level, try to put a metal bowl of salted ice in front of a fan, and adjust the fan so that the air is blowing over the ice. But, of course it’s more useful when you are using it for a smaller area.

5. Stay consistent with a shower and avoid steam

Don’t take a hot shower, wash dishes, wash clothes or cook until after dark. Make sure your pot lids are tight-fitting. Make sure the door gasket seals on your oven, washer and dishwasher are in good shape and have no breaks or rips. Taking a shower at least twice a day helps a lot to cool your body and not be sweaty throughout the day.

6. Plant trees strategically

Even though this might not be immediate answer for your needs this summer but this long-term investment to make towards cooling your home naturally is planting trees in strategic areas. Deciduous trees, in particular, are best at defending your home from the sun, especially if they’re planted on the east or west side of your home and partially near a window.

7. Insulate Your Attic and Walls

Many of the things that help keep your home warmer in the winter also help keep your home cooler in the summer. For example, insulation: it lowers energy bills by keeping the cool air in and the heat out. But, it’s very important to have a professional to give you an advice on where you can install it and how it can be installed, otherwise you might not take full advantages of the insulation just by insulating your house for cheaper price. Thus, San Diego ProHandyman professionals are here to help you with your attic and wall insulation to keep your house cool during summer and warm during winter.

As you can see, there are many excellent, energy efficient ways to keep your house cool without even having to glance at the price tag on an air conditioning unit. Of course, your best strategy is to use a combination of these techniques together for maximum effectiveness. So ditch the ice pack this summer, and make your house the coolest on the block.

If you are looking for any help by a professional handyman whether it’s to install new shades, installing ceiling fans or any insulations, San Diego ProHandyman professionals are here to help you anytime. We are fully insured and bonded, so you can trust any of your handyman services to us as you are completely covered. Please, give us a call if you have any other questions or would like to schedule a free estimate with our professionals

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