Weekend Repairs? Fence Posts!

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Wooden fences are a great way to ensure privacy for your family while also adding value to your home as they are aesthetically pleasing. One thing you may not know, they need to be very well maintained and can be a lot of work. San Diego ProHandyman wants to ensure you build or maintain your fence as best as possible with these tips.

Post Replacement – As said above, wooden fences are quite aesthetically pleasing however, to avoid a constant post replacement, pour your concrete so it extends a few inches above ground and slope the edges away from the post. This will prevent future rot from happening as more times than not, the posts are completely rotten underneath the ground which is why repair is not possible. Even though it may not look as nice as your neighbors, you will be guaranteed less maintenance work then them!

Loose Posts – If your posts are not rotten but you can tell they are not sturdy anymore, you most likely need to reinforce the posts. You can do this by placing shims around the bottom and securing with exterior silicone. If your posts are not in concrete, another solution is to install a thinner post of the same width to secure the two together. Usually when your posts are loose, this is because the wood is shrinking inside the concrete footing so if you do want a more permanent solution, you can replace the concrete footing altogether.

Call the Pros

Replacing or repairing your posts can be very time consuming. If you feel that you just don’t have the time or energy, call San Diego ProHandyman. We will ensure to send you out a qualified craftsman as well as provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

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