Create a Large Space in a Small Kitchen

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Small kitchens can be big on functionality and although you may be getting tired of yours, San Diego ProHandyman suggests embracing the size and to use some of these ideas to maximize the space for what it is worth. Below is a list that we suggest will create a more efficient and functional space to make your small kitchen seem a lot larger.

  • The easiest way to create space in your kitchen is to move anything that is used only a few times a year to a different area of the house in storage
  • Have a ladder shelf or vertical cabinets installed to build up instead of taking up more floor space
  • Buy shelves to install on the wall to hang utensils or pots and have your spice jars sit on them to create more room for your counters
  • Paint your kitchen or refinish your cabinets to a light color as dark palettes will “close in” the room
  • If you are low on counter space, purchase a rolling island that you can move around where you need it at that time and tuck things away in the shelving underneath
  • Keep your windows open – natural light will make a room look larger and less cluttered

If after reading this list or finding other ideas online due to the new trend of “tiny house living” and you want to create a change, call San Diego ProHandyman to start the update process. We will send someone out for a free evaluation quote to make your ideas become a reality.

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